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Attracting attention to boost your sales

A product has eight seconds to catch the eye of the consumer. An ergonomically designed, attractive shop POP displays stand pushes the product to the consumer (push marketing) with effective highlighting. It’s the last link between the product and the consumer, its presence can be decisive in the act of purchase. To illustrate the importance of the store POP displays, you should know that the customer decides at the last moment of his purchase of 55% of cases.

Why is SB Métal the best supplier fo your brand?

At SB Métal you will work with a multidisciplinary team that is experienced and passionate in the art of visual presentation. We offer 360-degree support for your project, from development to marketing, we do not neglect any details, as they can be a source of significant inconvenience. A POP displays is the image and the ambassador of your brand , that's why we put all the necessary care so that your project becomes a successful one.

From large retail chains to individual stores, we provide the floor covering displays; area rug displays, carpet displays, ceramic tile displays, hardwood displays and custom designed displays that suit our customers' showcase needs. We have the resources to build unique flooring displays that are strong enough to display the even the heaviest merchandise yet be flexible enough to add the warmth of wood laminate panels, custom signage and lighting. The complete package, one source, SB Metal, where our products are designed to attrack customer, engineered to last.

Design and conception

We offer you the design and prototyping service, allowing you to validate and test your project before starting production.
Flooring POP Displays Rack


With our manufacturing plant equipped with cutting-edge technology, we are able to support all of your projects from 50 to 1,000 units.
Flooring POP Displays Rack


We pack, store and deliver your products with the best care to make your project a success. It is possible to deliver directly to your warehouses and also to deliver to each of your stores. Find out about our kitting services too.

An overview of our expertise

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